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VMX-pi is a versatile, low-cost, real-time Robotics Controller, IMU and Motion Processor.  Designed for tight integration w/Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero W as the Vision Processor and Linux Host, VMX-pi plus Raspberry Pi can perform both real-time robotic control and also higher-layer Robot Position Tracking, Drivetrain path-planning and robot appendage kinematics-based control that can be remotely accessed via Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth.   Tight integration of IMU, quadrature encoder inputs, vision processing and external environment mapping/range sensors enables localization and SLAM in a compact, extremely low-cost platform.

Super-charge your robot: 

  • Analog and Digital IO Interfaces
  • Digital Communication Interfaces including CAN, SPI, I2C and UART
  • Motion processing features including Field-Oriented DriveAuto-balanceAuto-rotate to angleCollision Detection and more
  • Vision processsing with multiple cameras via Raspberry Pi-based OpenCV libraries
  • Video streaming via Mjpeg-Streamer
  • Robot Localization via Motion/Vision Processing fusion with ROS packages
  • Integration with environment mapping sensors to implement Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Network Time Server w/Battery-backed Real-time clock for synchronizing data and logs on multiple ethernet-based robot controllers

Additional Features: 

  • Functions either as a complete Development System (via Raspberry Pi inputs for keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor), or can be used with a remote development environment
  • VMX-stretch Raspberry Pi Software Images available with many features including Video Streaming, Vision Processing Libraries, NTP Server, Real-Time Linux (PREEMPT_RT), ROS Node and Master and WPI Network Tables