Power Distribution Panel (fc18-022)

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The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) is the latest DC power interface for competition robotics. The PDP uses CAN to connect directly to the roboRIO and allows for individual current monitoring on each channel.

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Product Specifications:

In Kickoff Kit  Rookie Tote Only
Weight 1 lb. 5.3 oz
Size 7.586" X 4.748" X 1.422"
Input Voltage (Vbat) 5.5V - 16V
Output Channels 0-3, 12-15 Vbat - 40 A
Output Channels 4-11 Vbat - 20 or 30 A
Output VRM, PCM Weidmuller Vbat - 20 A fused
Output Controller Weidmuller Vbat - 10 A fused