AndyMark 9015 Motor am-0912 (fc18-008)

Supplier(s): AndyMark, Inc.

Supplier Part Number: ###am-0912

FIRST Choice #: fc18-008

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This is the CCL 9015 motor, and is a "RS-500 series" DC motor. This size motor is popular in many consumer products. There is NO gear included with this motor.

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Product Specifications:

In Kickoff Kit No
Voltage 12 volt DC
No load RPM 16,000
Free Current 1.2 amps
Maximum Power 179 Watts at 32.5 amps
Stall Torque 60.64 oz-in (428 m-Nm)
Stall Current 63.8 amps
Overall Length 3.19 in
Weight 0.5 lbs