Sensor Board (Accelerometer & Gyro) (fc18-006)

Supplier(s): Analog Devices

Supplier Part Number: ###2016-GYROACCEL

FIRST Choice #: fc18-006

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Analog Devices Inc has designed a sensor board to help make navigating competition fields much easier. The FRC GYRO & ACCEL board features a single-axis gyroscope sensor and a tri-axis accelerometer. It plugs directly into the RoboRIO SPI port for easy installation and use.

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Product Specifications:

In Kickoff Kit No
Input Voltage 3.3 V
Interface Port RoboRIO SPI
Numer of Axes (Gyroscope) 1
Maximum Rotation Rate (Gyroscope) 300 deg/sec
Communication Protocol (Gyroscope) 16-bit SPI
Number of Axes (Accelerometer) 3
Maximum Acceleration Rate (Accelerometer) 8 g
Communication Protocol (Accelerometer) 24-bit SPI