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The REV Through Bore Encoder is specifically designed with the end user in mind, allowing teams to place sensors in the locations closest to the rotation that they wish to measure. This rotary sensor measures both relative and absolute position through its ABI quadrature output and its absolute position pulse output. A 1/2" Hex Through Bore paired with the molded mounting holes allows users to place this encoder on the object they want to measure. Using one of the included inserts allows for the 1/2" hex to convert to 3/8" hex, 5mm hex, or 1/4" round for additional flexibility.

(Picture provided by REV Robotics)


  • Input Voltage: 3.3V - 5.0V
  • Logic Level: 3.3V (5V tolerant)
  • Incremental Output:
    • Quadrature Resolution: 2048 Cycles per Revolution (8192 Counts per Revolution)
    • Index Pulse Width: 90°e
    • Index Pulse Frequency: Once per Revolution
  • Absolute PWM Output:
    • Output Period: 1025μs
    • Output Frequency: 975.6Hz
    • Minimum Pulse (0°): 1μs
    • Maximum Pulse (360°): 1024μs
    • Pulse Resolution: 16-bit
  • Connector: JST-PH 6-pin
  • Mounting Holes: #10 Clearance
  • Weight(s): 
    • 1/2" Hex (default): 23.0 g (0.05 lbs)
    • 3/8" Hex: 23.5 g (0.051 lbs)
    • 5mm Hex: 24.0 g (0.052 lbs)
    • 1/4" Round: 24.0 g (0.052 lbs)

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