3M Thermally Conductive Acrylic, 13.75" x 9" (fc-JT900004592)

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3M™ Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590PI is designed to provide a preferential heat transfer path between heat generating components like integrated circuit chip, LED lighting and heat spreaders. 3M pad 5590PI consists of a highly conformable slightly tacky acrylic elastomer sheet filled with conductive ceramic particles.


  • 13.75" x 9"
  • Flame retardant, UL 94 V-0
  • No silicone/siloxane gas, which can cause electric connection failure
  • Good softness and conformability even to non-flat IC surfaces
  • Incorporates a thin polyimide film for good handling
  • Good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and electrical insulation properties
  • Slight tack allows pre-assembly
  • Good wettability for better thermal conductivity

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