JE Motor Kit (JE-PLG-149 & JE-PLG-ADPTR-1)

Source(s) Part Number: ###JE-PLG-149###JE-PLG-ADPTR-1

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This PLG motor (Power Lift Gate) is used in automotive applications to open and close the lift gate in SUV’s etc. In most applications the motor drives a lead screw that provides translational motion. An adapter to convert the motor output to a ½” Hex, standard to FRC teams, is provided. This can also be fabricated but requires precision. Additional parts will be offered for sale through AndyMark.

Quick reference information:

  • Weight (including adapter): 250g (.55 lbs)
  • Nominal free speed ~450RPM, Nominal Stall torque ~4.5Nm
  • Gear reduction = 2 stage planetary. Total reduction is 22.2:1.
  • Max current 26Amps
  • Dual Hall output available for speed and directional feedback. See provided drawing.
  • There are 44.4 hall pulses per one rotation of the output.
  • CAD step model can be downloaded here
  • Motor Drawing can be downloaded here
  • Drawing of hex interface adapter can be downloaded here
  • Utilizing the hall sensors is optional if teams need motor feedback. It is not required for motor operation.
  • FRC Documentation and more about this motor here