CIM Motor (217-2000 or am-0255)

Source(s) Part Number: ###217-2000###am-0255

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You will receive a CIM motor either stamped as from AndyMark or it will be from VEX with only motor markings.

The CIM motor can be used to power a drivetrain or other mechanism on large competitive robots.

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Product Specifications:

Voltage 12 volt DC
No load RPM 5,330 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current 2.7 amps
Maximum Power 337 W
Stall Torque 2.41 N-m (21.33 in-lb) (343.4 in-oz)
Stall Current 131-133 amps
Mounting Holes (2) #10-32 tapped holes on a 2" bolt circle
Weight 2.8 lbs